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Birds are popular as pets in South Africa. Birds can be tamed, and many breeds can be taught to talk, so they make great companions!

Parrots & cockatoos live wild in Australia. Parrots & cockatoos need fresh fruit every day, like apples or citrus. They also eat seeds. Pet shops supply different seed mixes for each type of bird. Birds, for example the African grey, often outlive their owners, so one should plan to leave the bird to someone who wants it in the event of one's death. 


red, yellow, blue macaw parrot

colourful small parrot on owner's shoulder

Picture of parrot cages


South African parrot

Click the above image to view photos of different style parrot cages.


Baby Eclectus parrots 

Emerald green baby parrot

Colourful Eclectus parrot


More birds

Big white cockatoo with yellow crest

green lovebird with orange head

greyish-lilac love bird with black head & pink beak

turquoise & white love bird


Baby lovebirds

Lilac love bird


pigeons perching on man's head in the park

peacock with tail fanned out



Homing pigeons have been used for the sport of racing, and they have been used to carry messages in cylinders attached to their legs.

Peacocks need a big living area and are not suitable for small gardens, where they will eat the flowers! The male bird fans out his massive tail feathers and dances to attract a female, whose plumage is plain in comparison. They can be noisy. Feathers can be colourful, or all white. A crest on the head adds to the exotic appearance.

African grey parrot

Bird breeders, Bird forum, & info on birds: www.bestbirds.co.za


bird finds worm in groundAre you unemployed?

Jesus said, "Think of the birds: they have no job, yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. And you are much better than birds!"  Matthew 6, 26

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