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Dogs - Border Collie


The Border Collie originated in Scotland in the gentle hills which form the English/Scottish border. "The Borders" is the name of this area. The dogs were bred to herd sheep and are still in use on sheep farms today. Sheep dog trials have shown how these well-trained dogs respond to their master's calls and whistles. They can separate one sheep from the flock and herd it into a pen, or guide the whole flock wherever the shepherd requires the sheep to be.

Border Collie Breeder

Ironel Lötter, 044-9561011 or 0845168317  email  ironel@vodamail.co.za  Webpage: Avantgarde



Border collies have a high intelligence and are the top herding breed.  An extremely alert and energetic dog, he needs to be kept occupied or will become bored. Bred to run at top speed to round up wandering sheep, a border collie needs a big yard and plenty of exercise. He thrives on training and input from the owner.

Early history of dogs and breeds.

The normal colour is black and white, but a border collie can be any colour except pure white. Grooming helps to keep the dog looking good. 

The Afrikaans name is skaaphond (sheepdog) plural skaaphonde.

Height 53 cms at shoulder.

Class: herding



red border collie

Swoop is black and white, Bracken is red and white. These collies belong to Clive Baggaley, South Africa. 

PROVERBS 12:10  "A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal"




When a sheep wanders off and gets separated from the flock, a collie will pursue it and herd it back to safety. A sheep is a valuable animal. The shepherd is so happy when the lost sheep returns! The Bible says that we are often like sheep that wander away from from the church flock. It hurts God when we reject his love and teachings. He is overjoyed when we repent of our willfulness and return!

Luke chapter 15 verses 3 to 7  

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