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Dogs - Boston Terrier


Origin: The Boston Terrier originated in Boston, USA. They come from a cross between a bulldog and a white English terrier. 

Origins of dog breeds

Boston terrier breeders in South Africa



Cathy Terblanche, 0823269426, email cathy@cetara.co.za, Website: www.cetara.co.za

Caroline van Deventer 082 569 7059 Email carogankennels@gmail.com, Website: www.carogankennels.co.za

Mariette Oosthuizen  082 602 7289 Click here to send email  website: www.jabbari.co.za


Your Boston terrier puppies could go here! Ask Eileen

Boston terrier belonging to Mariette Oosthuizen, South Africa

Boston terrier, side view, glossy brindle coat

Boston Terriers were bred for the sport of pit fighting. Now they make an ideal house pets and merry companions. They enjoy living indoors with the family. They are friendly, playful, and trainable.

Appearance: Small, dainty dog. Erect ears,  big eyes, flat nose. Short smooth coat. Short tail. 

Weight: 6.8 - 11.4 kg.

Colour: Black with specific white markings on the face, chest and collar, brindle, or seal are the most common colours.

Class:  Boston terriers are classed as a utility dog in spite of having "terrier" in his name.

Boston Terrier face

Boston Terrier champion

Above, Champion "Riders Uptown Girl,"  with owner Ina Wride, South Africa. 


Boston terriers make cheerful companions that will keep the heart merry. As the Bible says, "A merry heart does good, like a medicine." Proverbs chapter 17 verse 22

Black & white Boston terrier puppy on red blanket

Two baby Boston terrier puppies playing

Boston terrier puppies bred by Mariette Oosthuizen, South Africa

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