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 Dog breeders in South Africa by breed, E - I

English springer spaniel


English springer spaniel puppy
*Fox terrier* (smooth haired) Black and white fox terrier puppy
Fox terrier (wire haired)

* Avantgarde*    *Isimax*     *Maloti*       *Yorma*

black & white puppy
French bulldog

 *Carogan*       *Cetara*      

French bull dog puppy
German shepherd dog (Alsatian)

*Astonberg*      *Carlzipca*      *Leeuwarden   

Alsatian puppy
German shorthaired pointer


German shorthaired pointer puppy
Giant schnauzer


giant schnauzer puppy guarding his ball
Golden retriever

  *Conkasha*    *DyrbaraTassar*    *Gelukshoop*     *Simaxdal         

Sweet puppy face
Great Dane


black great Dane puppy with long legs


One type of griffon (there are 3)
Hungarian Puli


Curly black puli puppy
Husky see Siberian Husky


Silver husky pup

Irish Setter

*Ardmore *       *Fenris*     


Mummy dog & babies
Irish Terrier


3 Irish terrier puppies
Irish wolfhound


A wolfhound puppy grows fast!
Italian greyhound


3 Italien greyhound puppies

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Breeders are despondent when a planned mating produces nothing. Let's be like Habakkuk, who said, "Though there be no sheep in the pen (or pups in the whelping box) yet will I rejoice in the Lord." Habbakkuk 3, 17 - 18


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