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Browdeen Kennels

Breeders of Rhodesian Ridgebacks


Erica van der Linde

Cell  082 730 5807

email: browdeen@gmail.com

We have a few Ridgebacks. We mainly obtained them to protect our plot. They are wonderful dogs.

Our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies are bottle reared from birth. We assist the females in feeding, as the litters are big and we feel it is necessary to make sure the babies get extra calcium and nutrition at an early stage.
Our puppies are used to being handled from birth. We monitor them closely and as they start developing their personalities we try to place them with owners that want specific qualities such as teachability, alertness, good with children etc. We play with our pups 3 times a day when we feed them to get them socialized.

We only breed each female once per year and each litter needs to be planned. When our females give birth we stand by to assist. They sometimes go into labour for 16 hours if they have 10-12 puppies.
It entails hard work and effort that is rewarded by the love they give in return, so each time one leaves the "DEN" we shed a tear. Those who own a ridgeback know what a remarkable breed it is. Once a Ridgeback never another breed.

Our dogs have been hd and ed tested and approved by Onderstepoort, therefore we are able to register the offspring.

We take pride in our kennel and the fact that we aim to produce show quality puppies. We do all we humanly can to ensure that our puppies are well nutritioned and healthy. Pups are inoculated & dewormed.

We love animals and that makes our hobby, our passion in life!


Our Rhodesian Ridgeback Reuben

An alert hunting dog

A wrinkled brow, and liver coloured nose

Above - Rhodesian ridgeback, liver nose. Browdeen Ngi ne Themba. Reuben

Below - puppies showing their ridge along the back



Our Registration Policy

All our dogs are microchipped with the Get me Known microchipping system. We scan them before they leave. All our pups are registered by KUSA. No breeding restrictions in general, but if any restrictions for whatsoever reason then the contract will be discussed with new owner

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