Breeder of German Shepherd Dogs



Hennie Fourie 083 701 6899 

or M-J Fourie 082 557 0808

email info@carlzipca.co.za

Puppy meets a horse

Hennie has been breeding German Shepherds since 2000, always being extremely selective in choosing the correct bloodlines.   Some of our dogs are imported

Hennie and M-j have been involved with GSD's and other animals for over 20 years.

We treasure the German Shepherd's loyalty, intelligence and devotion. They are extremely courageous, versatile, with strong protective instincts, and excel at almost anything that they are trained to do. They are highly driven, athletic, energetic, and exceedingly eager to learn. They crave a good challenge.

One of the most capable and trainable breeds in all of the dog kingdom, an ideal German Shepherd when well trained by a confident owner, is a magnificent companion.

Our dogs are true quality, bred, showed and worked with dedication and love. Our aim is to breed beautiful dogs with sound temperaments, suitable for protection, and devoted family companions. Delivery can be arranged at buyer's cost. Puppies can be flown to major airports.

The breeders with some of our dogs.

Four German shepherd puppies in a row

A tan german shepherd puppy


The legal stuff

We are members of the German Shepherd Federation and adhere to their breeding restrictions.  We are also members of KUSA.  Puppies may be registered with either registry.

Our puppies are tattooed with their registration number.

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