Duxcha Kennels

Breeder of Australian Cattle Dogs

Chardine with a cattledog


Chardine Kirchner

Cell No: 0823189562

E-mail Address: Chardinealshama@live.co.za


Duxcha Australian Cattledogs was established 11 yrs ago. I am a KUSA member as well as a Member of the KZN club. My dogs are tested and from reputable lines.

To secure our breed, and peace of mind for our buyers, all pups are BAER tested(hearing), PRA tested (sight), have a microchip implanted, registered with KUSA as Development Register, vaccinated and dewormed. Parents are HD tested with excellent scoring. Outstanding working dogs, guard dogs and most loyal family friends.

About us

I was given a Cattle dog female that was stone deaf. I knew very little of the breed but soon did some intensive research and realized that this awesome breed unfortunately has a very high percentage of deafness and blindness. It inspired me to breed Cattle dogs that are sound in body and mind. All my dogs are tested and I strive to breed dogs with beautiful temperaments. I admire the breed's loyalty to their owner and ability to adapt to any situation. They are incredible working dogs and also satisfied to just be a companion all day.
Once you have owned a Cattledog you will never want another breed of dog. They will take your breath away forever...




Two puppies running

A sweet puppy

The kennel name, "Duxcha" is registered with KUSA. We register our puppies with KUSA and give a registration certificate to buyers. We do not place breeding restrictions on the papers.

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