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Breeder of Golden Retrievers



Andre Ferreira

Cell No: 082 921 8725

E-mail:  feransu@vodamail.co.za


Me with Snowy and another golden retriever


At Feransu Golden Retrievers we live with 3 Golden Retrievers as part of our Golden Retriever family, in our home. My first Golden Retriever is called Snowy (KUSA registered as Marinova Snowy) She is from a litter of 12 puppies born in September 2014. Bella-Rose (KUSA registered as Staaldam Bella-Rose of Feransu) is our secong addition to the family and she was born in May 2017. She will also be used to breed with at the right age and once her hips and elbows have been checked and she is cleared for breeding. Then we have Webster (KUSA registered as Lurasia Ser Jaime of Feransu) our male, born September 2017. We intend to use him as stud dog once he is mature and once we have had his health checks done. In the mean time I make use of a stud dog from a breeder in Gauteng. He is called Yoda and is KUSA registered as Staaldam Be The Best of Lurasia. Both their health certificates are available on request. I make use of Vet that is a reproduction specialist for regular checks on my Goldies.

The Golden Retriever breed is an ever smiling, tail wagging furry ball of love and friendliness, always willing to please. They are known as gun dogs and also used as guide dogs for blind people and/or as therapy dogs at hospitals, old aged homes, et cetera where they give love and attention to the sick and old. Golden Retrievers do one thing very well throughout their life and that is, retrieve. They are not just a dog, they become family members with a couple of essential requirements…attention, love, and water to swim or play. They need regular grooming and with the turn of each season they shed their coat. As they age their coats become thicker. Golden Retrievers require a loving and caring home and lots of fun and activity will be the best for them. It is advisable to take him or her for puppy classes and obedience training. What a pleasure to walk your ever smiling golden bundle of love and everyone wanting to stop, hug, and say hallo.

Our litters are bred from healthy Golden Retrievers to ensure that their offspring have the best chance of a full and healthy life. The puppies are born in our house and raised under my constant supervision as part of our Golden Retriever family. Golden Retrievers are a 10 year plus commitment.

I have a constant waiting list and add prospective owners on as we go along. You are welcome to bring your family to meet our Goldie family and see how we do things. This is a commitment and you need to make an informed decision. For more detailed discussions, contact me any time.

golden retriever and puppy

A golden retriever puppy

Stud dog wearing red bandana


The kennel name "Feransu" is registered with KUSA.  A KUSA registration certificate will be sent directly to the new owner. Puppies are dewormed, vaccinated and have a micro chip implanted for ID purposes and KUSA registered.  Breeding restrictions apply to all puppies to ensure that only the healthiest dogs are used for breeding purposes and can be lifted at an additional cost upon receipt of acceptable health certificates.

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