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Pets' Place - www.petsplace.co.za

Welcome to Pets' Place where you find dogs & puppies in South Africa

Here you'll find most breeds of dogs. We list KUSA registered breeds & encourage high ethical standards. Choose a link on the left to explore the world of pets! 

What breed do you want? We have nearly every breed you could desire on this website!

See top 10 below!

Top 10

These are the ten most popular breeds in South Africa, judging by the number of visits each page gets on this website. You'll find breeders for all of them, and more, on petsplace. Click here!


A staffy is an alert terrier Well-groomed mini schnauzer

Black Scottish terrier head

Staffordshire bull terrier (staffie) Pomeranian (toy pom) Miniature schnauzer Dachshund (sausage dog) Scottish terrier (Scotty)
Beagle puppy labrador in the dam Yorkshire terrier with long silky hair Bulldog refusing to face the camera
Beagle Labrador Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) Bulldog Rottweiler
The above are just ten of the breeds on this website. Find breeders for these dogs and more breeds here


This website started off as an info site on breeds with photos of dogs, and is still growing. Many dog breeders sell ALL their puppies through Petsplace! Cat breeders too. I, Eileen, upload the ads personally, which helps to weed out scams before they go online. Whatever area, delivery can usually be arranged so you can get the puppy you want. 

The legal stuff: All material on this website is copyright 2003 - 2017. Buyers & sellers enter into agreements at their own risk, and Petsplace website will not enter into disputes. Petsplace website reserves the right to refuse or remove objectionable advertisements. 

Animals are a gift from God. Treat animals with kindness, and they will enrich your life.


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