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Dogs - Irish Terrier

About Irish Terriers

The Irish terrier is an ancient breed, whose history is traced back to Ireland. They were once known as Irish sporting terriers. 

Irish terriers were bred to hunt rats and other animals. They sniffed out and retrieved game. 

The coat is always red. The harsh wiry coat benefits from being hand-stripped rather than clipped, though the beard and eyebrows can be tidied up with scissors. Brushing the coat to remove dead undercoat will also help. 

An Irish terrier will often pick a fight with other dogs. They make good guard dogs. 

Early development of dog breeds

The tail used to be docked but docking is going out of fashion.

Height: 46 - 48 cms at shoulder

Class: terrier

Irish terriers owned by A. Murray, South Africa

Irish terrier, red, short hair, with beard & eyebrows

2 Irish terriers at a dog show

Czars Sweet Molly Malone (Imp USA) 

Guinness & Maggie (youngsters)


If your Irish terrier gets into a fight with another dog, don't grab his collar, tail, or ears! Your are likely to get bitten. Try squirting the dogs in the face with water & lemon juice. 

"Like one who grabs a dog by the ears is a passer-by who meddles in a quarrel not his own."  

 Proverbs 26 v 17 The Bible.


Mischeivous Irish terrier puppy

Irish terrier puppies


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