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  Dogs - Maltese

The true Maltese has a long, white, straight, silky coat. The Maltese originated in the Mediterranean island of Malta. It is an ancient breed.


Maltese Breeders in South Africa who may have puppies for sale

Ironel Lötter 044-9561011 or 0845168317 email: ironel@vodamail.co.za, webpage: avantgardekennels

Hannatjie Whitlock  084 899 1978 or Local 049 8360 003, e-mail hannatjie@yorma.co.za, webpage yorma


About Maltese Dogs

Maltese are small with long white hair which flows from a central parting running the length of their body. The hair reaches the ground. The tail is carried over the back and the hair falls down in a plume. A tinge of lemon is permissible on the ears. They have black round the eyes and footpads. The nose is black. They have a sweet facial expression making them endearing pets. Some people like to put a bow in the hair to keep it out the eyes. They carry their heads erect as if to say, "I'm a Maltese, and proud of it!"

A Maltese makes a wonderful companion. They are friendly and playful. They make good house dogs. They are small enough to keep in a small yard, though all dogs benefit from the mental stimulation of being taken for walks. Daily brushing will help to keep the Maltese's coat looking good.

Maltese puppies are tiny, and should not be removed from the litter too soon.

Early history of dogs & how breeds developed.

Maltese puppies

3 cute white Maltese puppies in a box


Puppy bred by C Coleman

Fluffy white Maltese puppy with pale beige ears

Height of adult: 25.5 cms at shoulder.

Class: Toy

Photos below courtesy Wampum Maltese, South Africa

Maltese show dog with long white hair down to the ground

A beautifully groomed maltese but the wind ruffles the hair


A Maltese on a windy day


The long hair of the Maltese is his glory. Samson was a man whose long hair was his glory. He was strong and handsome - until he started messing around with the wrong type of woman.  He lost not only his hair, but also his health & strength.    Judges 16
Judges 16 


The Maltese has a short name: it's not "Maltese Poodle" - just, "Maltese!" 

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