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 Dogs - Papillon


The word "papillon," is French for "butterfly."  I pronounce it "pap ee yoan," (yoan as in moan) but I'm not fluent in French. The wide, erect ears, & tiny face with delicate markings, give the dainty little dog the appearance of a butterfly. The fringes on the ears make them appear bigger. 

Another variety of the breed has dropped ears. These are called Phalenes, meaning "moths". 

Papillon breeders in South Africa

Theresa Patricio, ph 0116739921(w), mobile/cell: 0825730694, e-mail: info@pro-pet.co.za, Website: www.solpostekennels.co.za  


About Papillons

Papillons are thought to have originated in Spain, but neighbouring France & Italy helped to develop the breed.

How breeds of dogs developed.

The papillon has long hair with a plumed tail curling over the body. An occasional brush & bath keeps the coat clean. They have feet like a hare.

The basic colour is white, with markings of any colour except liver. Or they can be black & white, with tan markings.

Papillons are good-natured and friendly. They make good pets for indoors or out. Being small, they are easily managed, though it's not good to carry dogs around too much! Dogs must run around and get exercise in order to grow strong.

Papillons are intelligent and self-assured and can learn tricks. They are playful,  affectionate, & are good companion dogs. They have the spirit and energy to keep up with an active family but can also be calm enough to be happy with sleeping in the arms of an equally affectionate owner. What a marvellous breed!

Papillon in owner's arms

Papilon - tiny dog compared to human

Papillon on hind legs

Papillon, long tufts of hair on ears, blowing in wind

Arkeno I Can Fly, owned by C. Aucamp, South Africa

Group: Toy

Height at shoulder: 20 - 28 cms

Weight: 4 - 4.5 kgs.

Papillons - Butterfly dogs.

To think that butterflies were once ugly caterpillars! It gives us assurance that we too can change for the better! The Bible says, "If any man is in Christ, he is a new creature. The old things are passed away." 

2nd Corinthians chapter 5, 17


White papillon puppies with black markings on the face

Papillon puppies

 Papillions are also called the Continental Toy Spaniel.

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