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Dogs - Pekingese

About Pekingese

Pekingese dogs originate in China and are named after the city of Peking, which we now call Beijing. Pekingese dogs can be traced back to the 8th Century Tang Dynasty. Pekingese, or "Pekes" as they are sometimes nicknamed, were favoured by Emperors as lap-dogs. 

Some Chinese dogs were taken to UK where they were a novelty and soon became popular. They are now known throughout the world.

How different breeds of dogs began

Pekingese Breeders in South Africa

Jurie & Ansa Wessels 082 462 2644, 082 462 0594 email  wessjjels@gmail.com   website www.jucharanzi.com

About the breed

A Peke has a long, thick coat, especially around the neck. They are great for stroking! Daily grooming helps to keep the coat neat and Pekingese enjoy the attention of being brushed. 

The squashed face and prominent eyes give the dog a unique appeal. 

Pekes can be any colour except pure white or liver.

Pekingese are a toy breed. They are small, close to the ground, but are surprisingly heavy. Maximum weight: dogs 5 kg, bitches 5.5 kg

Windswept Pekingese

San War Suzi Q of Noblecourt is owned by J. Tyrrell.
Fluffy little pekinese puppy Pekingese puppy



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