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Dogs - Miniature Pinscher (minpin)



About pinschers:

The miniature pinscher originated in Germany in the 1700's. They are often confused with a larger breed, the Dobermann, but the Pinscher is a separate, and much older breed. Pinschers were bred on farms to keep the rats from the store rooms. Being small, they could get into the places where rats took refuge. 

Miniature Pinschers are cheery, lively, companion dogs and can be kept in a small home, which they will guard with great bravery! The alert ears will prick up at the first sound of an intruder!

"Min Pins", as they are sometimes called for short, have a high-stepping gait which is different from other small dogs.

The smooth, hard, short coat of the Min Pin needs little grooming.

Colour: black, dark brown or blue with tan markings. Or red.

Height at shoulder; 25.5 - 30 cms

Class: Toy. "Pinscher" means terrier, but today they are not classed as terriers, but toy dogs.    

Min pin, tan, with stubby tail

Tan miniature pinscher

Gerca Zeppo Alfa One belongs to Lee Sparg, South Africa


Miniature pinscher puppiesLitter of miniature pinscher puppies being held. Few weeks old.

Minpin puppy smaller than a shoe

A small dog can be as brave as, or even braver than a big dog! They are like the young boy, David, who stood up to the seasoned fighter, Goliath, and overcame him, saying, "It's not by sword or spear that the Lord saves, for the battle is the Lord's."  Read the story in the Bible, 1 Samuel 17. May God give us the courage of a dog when we have to face up to enemies!


Below: Gizmo and Sheena belong to Miems van Niekerk, South Afrika. Gizmo believes he is a Rottweiler - very cheeky - and nosy! Sheena sleeps on her back inside a continental pillow with just her head sticking out.
minpins are active dogs a tiny min pin


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