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Small pets - Rabbits

Rabbits make good pets. They can be house-trained and kept in the house. Use a cat litter box with sand in it; pick up some rabbit droppings and keep putting them in the same spot. The rabbit will use this place as the toilet. Rabbit droppings can be used as fertilizer and won't burn the plants. Grow some fresh vegs for your rabbit with this free fertilizer!

Rabbit breeder in South Africa

Chamaine Janssens 0828992636 email: fafeng@lantic.net Website www.rabbits-of-oz.co.za

Blue-eyed, white rabbit
 BEW - Blue-eyed, white rabbit
Grey fluffy baby rabbits

Jersey Woolly

White Himalayan rabbit with black ears & nose


Rabbits like to run around a garden, but will burrow under a fence if not watched. They'll also eat all the plants! A sand pit with a cement floor is good for rabbits as they like to dig.

Rabbit Food

Rabbit pellets can be bought at a pet shop, but fresh food should be supplied too. Different pets like different things, so try lettuce, cabbage, beetroot leaves, carrots, carrot leaves, spinach, chard, sweetcorn. Ask the veg shop to keep you the leaves they cut off vegetables, or feeding a rabbit can be expensive. A giant rabbit costs more to keep than a dwarf rabbit. Hay (dried grass) makes good bedding and can be nibbled. When you mow the lawn, rake up the cut grass and spread it in the sun to dry. Rabbits also like fresh green grass, but not too much as damp grass goes mouldy.

Fresh water should always be available in a flat-bottomed, tip-proof dish. 

Rabbit Hutch

It's good to have a safe place to shut your rabbit up if you have visitors or workmen in and out. Rabbits chew wood, so construct a hutch out of wire mesh on a metal frame. Avoid paint in case the rabbit gnaws on it and gets poisoned. The urine will run through the wire mesh into a tray below which pulls out in order to clean the cage. (Rather like a bird cage). It should be long enough for the rabbit to run around.

Rabbits can be aggressive and may fight with each other if you have too many in one hutch. They also like to have babies, so if this happens, you'll need another hutch. The big rabbits may stand on the babies. A sign that a rabbit is going to give birth is the pulling out of the fur to be used to line a nest.


Dwarf rabbits

Dwarf rabbits are lovely, quiet pets. They must be kept away from dogs & cats.


ND = Netherland Dwarf rabbits

Romeo & Juliette, two sandy dwarf rabbits with chocolate faces.

Netherland dwarf rabbits. Photo courtesy of Ulyn Botha


Rabbit with long hair and tassles on the ears

English Angora 

Angora rabbits are sometimes bred on a large scale in a rabbitry. Their silky hair is brushed, combed, spun, and knitted into fine, warm, soft jerseys. 

The Afrikaans for rabbit is haas, plural haase.

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