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Dogs - Rottweiler

The Rottweiler originated in the town of Rottweil in Germany. He is thought to have been bred for herding and guarding cattle. Click here to read the origin of dog breeds.

Rottweiler breeders in South Africa

Puppies sometimes available

Marie Koorts, Ph  0825153661  or  0218219333   E-mail:   mariekoorts78@gmail.com   Webpage:  Glenxaba

Adri van der Merwe, 0827413400,  email: a3.vdm3@gmail.com   Website:  Zantrukira 

Meg van Deventer   What's app 0784255644 (any time) email during office hours on meg.vandeventer@crowe.za.com   Webpage Jouleville

Glenda Davidson, 083 764 7950, EMAIL:  glenlee99@hotmail.com   Webpage Tederlee

Lida Heyden, 0836259094,  e-mail lida.heyden@gmail.com, Webpage: Vom Heydeheim

Lesleigh Jordaan, 0834578721   email jordaan.lesleigh@gmail.com, Website: www.rottweilersatshechem.co.za

Your Rottweiler puppies for sale could go here!


About Rottweilers

Rottweilers are massive dogs, strong and powerful. They need careful rearing as puppies and must be made to obey their master. They are intelligent, obedient and trainable.

A Rottweiler would not make a suitable pet for a little old lady because of its strength. Nor should children be allowed to take the dog out for walks by themselves. The dog can overpower them. But the dogs are fond of children.

Temperament: Good natured, placid, devoted, and eager to work.

Rottweilers need a large garden with a strong fence. They make alert watch dogs. Their sheer size is enough to intimidate people!

Coat: The topcoat is medium length, coarse, dense and flat. The undercoat must not show through the topcoat. 

Colour: black with specific tan markings on cheeks, muzzle, throat, chest, legs, over both eyes, and under the base of tail.

Height: males 61 - 68 cms at shoulder, females 56 - 63 cms.

Tail: It used to be fashionable to cut off puppies' tails, leaving a stub. If you're buying a Rottweiler puppy, you can ask the breeder not to amputate (dock) your puppy's tail.

KUSA Class: Working Group

FCI Class: Group 2 - pinscher & schnauzer type, Molossian type, Swiss mountain, & cattle dogs.

Rottweiler Breed Council automatically impose breeding restrictions that you can't register puppies if the parents do not comply with specific healthy breeding codes.  

 Rottweiler with tennis ball

Above: Tyson belongs to A. Potgeiter, South Africa


Rottweiler puppy with paws on tyre

  A cute Rottweiler puppy


Some people buy Rottweilers for the wrong reason. They want to be macho and have a dog that's a bully. It's not OK to let our dogs terrorise innocent people. A Rottweiler needs to be taken to training class. If people are frightened by a big, bully dog, they may retaliate by throwing stones. There was a man called Goliath in the Bible.  He was a bully because of his size. He provoked people. But a youngster called David threw a stone at him which hit him on the head and killed him. Then Goliath couldn't terrorise people any more.

1 Samuel chapter 17

Rottweiler with big head

One of Staaldam's dogs


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