Pets' PlacHoliday  Kennels


Your cat can enjoy a relaxing holiday at Pets Place. Most of the cats come from Kenton-on-sea, Grahamstown, Port Alfred, Bedford, and surrounds, but some come from farther afield. 

The catteries are divided into sections with mesh fencing so that each cat has a spot to call his own. The cats can't fight with one another, or steal each other's food! But they can talk to each other and observe what the other cats are doing. This takes up their interest and helps to pass the time in the same way that humans sit watching each other on TV!

Each cat has a cosy igloo or wooden box with plenty blankets and pillows to sleep in, and a chair to relax on. Cats can chat through the fence. Each cat has his own apartment. They don't mix with other people's cats.

Your cat's inoculations and parasite control should be up to date before taking the cat to a cattery. Take the vet's certificate with you. Keep the tick preventative up to date to prevent biliary. Cats should also be dewormed before they leave home. These simple steps will keep your cat healthy and help him to enjoy his holiday!


Outdoor Cattery

cat sitting on catnip

outdoor cattery with flowering catnip

Above: Catnip has been planted for the cats' pleasure. Some cats are wild about it! Some eat the leaves, others roll in it. 


Cat peeping round a tree

Cats' picnic

Cats' picnic


Sleep in Aunty's house

Another option is to sleep in Aunty's house. Your cat will have his own bedroom with a sunny window down to floor (cat) level, and sleep on a human's bed. The room is heated in winter if desired. The Novilon floor feels warm & soft to walk on. See the cat's bedroom. This option has to be booked in advance, and costs a little more. 

One of my favourite authors is King Solomon of Israel who said, "Two are better than one...If two lie together, they have heat. But how can one be warm alone?" Ecclesiastes 4, 10 - 12. The answer is, "With an electric heater." Of course, there was no electricity in those days, & Solomon was talking of marriage. Solomon's sayings are often quoted today, especially his Proverbs which is a book of the Bible.

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