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Accommodation for Dogs


I (Eileen) look after the animals personally, so they have lots of attention and affection. I enjoy playing games with dogs - like fetching the ball, or tug-of-war with a rope, or stroking a cat. 

Dogs have three options: Normal kennel, bigger kennel with a bit of grass garden, or sleep in Aunty's house.

maltese cross poodle in wicker basket with pink mohair blanket"I will lay me down in peace and sleep, for You, Lord Jesus only, make me live in safety"

 Psalm 4 verse 8

Each dog has a separate sleeping quarters though dogs from the same family usually like to sleep together to keep each other company.  They have beds and blankets to keep them warm. Some owners bring the dog's own blanket & bed, but this is not necessary. Bedtime cookies & cuddle help to re-assure the pet before a good night's sleep.


The dog's toys and personal possessions, are welcome. A piece of old clothing that you have worn but not washed can be brought so that the pet has your scent.


Jack Russells love to sit on a lap and get attention!

 Dogs get rubbed and stroked as much as possible. 



Jack Russell terrier with large ball

Above, one of our small blocks of kennels. 


The dogs are fed on Montego Classic dog pellets with a dollop of tinned dog food on top, usually Husky. They like the tinned stuff best, of course! They jump up and down, licking their lips when the food arrives.

If your dog is on a special diet, by all means bring your own food. The price remains the same.

Medicine given

Some dogs are on chronic medication, like heart pills. We are happy to follow your vet's instructions and give medicine.


You can enjoy a guilt-free holiday when you leave your pet at Pets' Place, for the pets are in a safe place, sheltered from the weather, and they get love and attention. 

Psalm 61, 3 says "God has been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy."

Sunday hours 4 - 5 pm only

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