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House dogs

Dogs that are delicate, or feel the cold, can sleep in Aunty's house. They have their own bedroom with a door to their private garden. The room has a sunny window down to dog height, and a heater for the winter. The bedroom floor is Novilon, which is soft on the paws, and warm to the touch. 

The dogs can follow me around the house and make themselves at home. The fee for this privilege is higher than the kennel fee. It has to be prohibitive, or ALL the dogs would sleep in the house, and Aunty would have to sleep in a kennel.

Dogs must be house-trained, and not incontinent. The same rules apply as for the other boarders.

This option is not suitable for puppies, who are happier in an outdoor kennel, where they are welcome to chew everything in sight.

Dogs having a nap on chairs in the living room Dogs on the bed in the bedroom Sleeping upside down is SO relaxing!
  dog with teddy  

Sunday hours 4 - 5 pm only

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