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 Dogs - Spinone 

(Spinone Italiano, singular, pronounced spee-no-ne. Spinoni Italiani, plural, pronounced spee-no-nee)

A spinone is an Italian gundog. It is named after a thorn bush that grows in Italy, the pino. The tough dog was able to hunt for game amongst the bushes. Fans claim the spinone is the oldest hunting breed. They have strength and stamina to cover long distances in pursuit of prey. Although spinoni have existed for hundreds of years, they nearly died out because hunting is not so popular nowadays. But in the 1950's a band of hunters developed the breed and kept it going.

Spinoni breeders in South Africa

Herman & Annemari Groenewald 072 249 6963, email bassefied@yahoo.com  Webpage: Bassefied.


Copper and Umberto are Champions.

The rough coat must be hand-stripped, not clipped. The hair is long and stiff. On the face, the hair forms eyebrows, a beard, and a mustache. The coat keeps the dog protected from the elements, so they can sleep outdoors in a kennel, or in the house. A high dog-proof fence is required in case the dog goes hunting for adventure. They have webbed feet and like water. They can retrieve from water.

Spinonis are amiable, quiet, non-aggressive dogs. They get on with people, and are not kept as watch dogs. Puppies should be given the chance to meet lots of people, so that they do not become shy and timid.

A breed which may have influenced the development of the spinone, is the German wire haired pointer. There may be many breeds involved. The gentle nature & appearance is reminiscent of the Irish wolfhound.

Early history of breeds of dogs

Colour: white, orange, orange roan, brown roan and many combinations of two of those colours.

Height at shoulder: Dogs: 6070 cm (23.527.5 in), Bitches: 5965 cm (22.525.5 in) Spinoni have a square appearance: the length of the body = the height at shoulder, roughly.

Weight: Dogs: 3439 kg (7586 lb) Bitches: 2934 kg (6475 lb).

Class: gundog

The gentle spinone has many admirable qualities. "The hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, is very precious in the sight of God."  1 Peter 3,4

Spinonis have rough coats and dangling ears

Spinone turning his head

Valentino, an Italian Spinoni puppy belonging to D, Pera, South Africa, at age 6 months.


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