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   Sunduza Kennels

Breeder of Bull Terriers



Andre Strydom

Cell 082 770 4567

Landline: 011 795 1665

E-mail  atstrydom@mweb.co.za


Sunduza is Southern Africa's oldest and foremost bull terrier kennel of all colours


Andre and his bullterrier dogs

Text about the breeding program of bull terriers


The article below was written by the late Barry Sutherland, who was Chairman of the now defunct Border Bull Terrier Club at East London on the far Eastern Cape coast, when I judged their first Championship Show many years ago:


Andre Strydom is regarded as one of the most influential personalities in Southern African Bull Terrierdom as a leader, breeder, judge, student of our breed, innovative thinker and writer. His lifelong love for our breed stems from his fifth birthday present from his banker/wine farmer father is 1945 a three month old red Bull Terrier pup that became his best friend for the rest of its life.

As soon as he had the space, he and his wife, Doulina, founded their Sunduza Bull Terrier kennel in 1972. In just 14 years between 1976 and 1989 they produced 43 champions with a further two from exports to Portugal and Israel and three during their first few years in temporary retirement for a total of 48 champions. Among these were Southern Africa's first three Supreme Bull Terriers, eight of the 28 Dogs and Bitches of the Year and five Stud Dogs of the Year in those 14 years, as well as seven Brood Bitches of the Year in 10 years. A great number of other Supreme Bull Terriers, Dogs and Bitches of the Year and Southern African and foreign champions descend from the Sunduza kennel, including two Regent Trophy winners (Britain's top award) and a North American Stud Dog of the Year. In 30 years of SABTC Major Trophy Shows Sunduza Bull Terriers and their descendants have won major trophies in 24 of the shows and are still doing so. This unique record remains unequalled in Southern Africa. Andre and Doulina retired from active breeding in 1990, but in 2004 were persuaded to start again on a limited scale. They re-started showing occasionally in 2006, winning several challenge certificates and other titles. Their 49th champion, Ch Sunduza Romeo, qualified for his title in March 2018, and their 50th champion, Ch Sunduza Peritas, has just qualified for his title after winning challenge certificates in 5 out of 6 KwaZulu-Natal shows in a single month at the ripe old age of just 18 months.

A retired professional journalist of more than 40 years experience, Andre has contributed articles and chapters to numerous Bull Terrier publications, journals and books all over the world over more than 30 years.

As the longest serving former chairman of the South African Bull Terrier Club, of which he is an honorary life member, Andre is regarded as the father of the modern Southern African Major Trophy Show, which was firmly established in its present format under his chairmanship in 1982. It has since been improved to its present high international status. He was also largely responsible for the founding of most of the present nine Bull Terrier clubs in South Africa and is also an honorary life member of the Eastern Transvaal, Northern Free State, Highveld Ridge and Central Free State Bull Terrier Clubs, as well as a life member of the Northern Transvaal Bull Terrier Club. He was also co-founder and first chairman, and later president, of one of South Africa's leading all breeds clubs, the Roodepoort and Districts Kennel Club; as well as co-founder and first chairman of the Transvaal Terrier Club. He was also founder chairman and later president of the erstwhile Association of Bull Terrier Clubs of Southern Africa.

In "recognition for his significant, historical and lifetime contribution towards the Bull Terrier breed", Andre, in 2000, became only the fourth recipient of the prestigious Kingstonia Award of the South African Bull Terrier Club. Doulina was also honoured with a Kingstonia Award earlier this year, making the couple one of only two to have both received the award.

He is also highly regarded as a judge. In 2012 he judged the SABTC Major Trophy Show for a fifth time, has judged the championship show of the South African Bull Terrier Club several times, including its golden anniversary show; the inaugural show of the Western Province Bull Terrier Club as well as several of its championship shows, including its 21st anniversary show. He has judged many times at all levels for all the other Bull Terrier clubs, and most recently the second championship show of the young Limpopo Bull Terrier Club, as well as the second open show of the new Griqualand Bull Terrier Club, which held its first championship show in 2011. He has judged the terrier group at championship and open show level all over South Africa many times, and once judged best in show at a Durban and Districts Kennel Club all breeds open show. He judged the terrier group in Zimbabwe once and in 2011 judged an all breeds championship show in that country as well as one in Zambia for the third time. He was once invited to judge at championship show level in England, but it was financially beyond his means at the time. He is now on the Kennel Union of Southern Africa's championship show panel for judging Bull Terriers, Miniature Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers only, because he prefers not to judge breeds on which he does not regard himself as knowledgeable enough. He has judged championship shows in South Australia twice, in Western Australia once and also for the North Island Bull Terrier Club in New Zealand, which he regards as the most beautiful country he has visited, except his native South Africa. He has also attended eight Bull Terrier championship and open shows in England, as well as three Major Trophy Shows of The Bull Terrier Club (UK). He has visited many leading Bull Terrier kennels in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Holland, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, and was a personal friend of and mentored by the late great breeders, Raymond Oppenheimer and Eva Weatherill of Ormandy/Souperlative fame, Margaret Sweeton, Tom Horner, Quita Youatt and Maureen Bell, all of whom visited him in South Africa and with whom he spent several extended visits in England. Another valued friend with whom he exchanged visits was the late Dutch master breeder, Jaco Bouma, generally regarded as the greatest Bull Terrier breeder to date on the European continent. Andre was honoured by being invited to judge Bull Terriers, Miniature Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers at the first championship show of the new Overberg Kennel Club at Hermanus on the Western Cape coast on 10 March 2018. His entry of 41 dogs for just the three breeds, was the biggest by far for the whole show.

His next judging appointment is in February 2020, when he will be judging Bull Terriers and Miniature Bull Terriers at the Roodepoort and Districts Kennel Club's 2020 Championship Show. Andre was the founder Chairman of the club, which stages one of Southern Africa's major all-breeds shows. He is President of the Club.

The legal stuff

The kennel name, "Sunduza," is registered with KUSA. We register all puppies with KUSA and the buyer gets a registration certificate. There are no breeding restrictions. A microchip is implanted in every puppy before they leave us.

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