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Rado Moskov 0720413217

 email radomoskov@gmail.com

A strong Karate guy needs a strong dog!

Rado and dogs

Voivodata Bull Terriers is established in 2011. The name Voivodata means Leader. (Bulgarian). It is a family business, in which all members are proud and eager to work with our Bull Terriers.

Why buy from Voivodata Bull Terriers?

1. Because you will get top quality pup
2. Because you will get a KUSA registered puppy. Our pups are GUARANTEED their lineage and standards.
3. Because you will deal with breeders who care extensively for their dogs and pups. We feed our dogs scientifically in partnership exclusively with Emerald Gold and ROYAL CANIN, where we are registered breeders.
4. Because your pup was cared for and looked after as a member of our family and because of that we do not sell to just anyone who comes along with the money
5. Because of the all happy clients who already experienced our quality and service - read them below. Contact details given on request.
6. Because on request you can see how our pups from past litters have been growing and see how the pups look as they grow
7. Because our Bull Terriers are well-tempered, good with children, and excellent family friends. It is up to you to raise it responsibly as to stay this way.
8. Because we deliver in all South Africa and overseas.

Our children with one of our bull terriers

Krum Strashnij with our children

Here are few testimonials from our clients:

By nature and imprinted by my profession I am a very critical and analytical person. So taking a leap of faith to acquire a bull terrier pup without having personally seen and interacted with it was a daunting new experience for me. However, the professional manner with which you conducted yourself gave me the required sense of security I required. I am now the proud owner of a magnificent specimen. He arrived in excellent health and is full of energy. I have no reservation should you want to refer any skeptical prospective client to speak to me either with regard to your integrity or the quality of your bull terrier pups.
Prof Leon van Rensburg, Klerksdorp

We ordered a puppy from Voivodata and received excellent service and support from start to finish! The puppy arrived in Cape Town last week and she is a beautiful little thing with an excellent personality. I can recommend this breeder - the organization is excellent and everything went smoothly with the flight of the puppy as well. It is easy to contact him on whatsapp and he remained in contact throughout the time: from when I paid the deposit until we received our dog. Excellent service, very reliable and easy to contact. Beautiful dogs!

Dr Elmi Muller, Cape Town

I am so impressed by the excellent and professional manner Rado treats all his new bullie parents with. I have collected 4 beautiful bull terrrier pups from Rado to take to their new homes and am so impressed with them. I am the proud owner of one of the beauties! They are gorgeous, happy travelers and they were handed over to me in such beautiful condition. Will post more later but highly highly recommended. Thank you to Rado and his wife for the loving care that these puppies have been raised with😄
Jenny Evans, Cape Town

Rado and Voivodata Bull Terriers thank you so much for THE most beautiful puppies. Your service was amazing and communication was top drawer. We are thrilled with our new family additions...we will update you regularly with a couple of pictures of their upbringing.

Simon Cranswick, Cape Town

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