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Australian Shepherds


Australian shepherds were developed in USA. They worked on cattle farms and sheep farms in the USA where they were made famous by a man that worked in rodeos.
They were called Australian Shepherds after the "Australian shepherds" that came to America in the 1800's for the gold rush and brought their little "blue dogs" (cattle dogs) with them. The Americans were very impressed with the dogs but wanted something bigger, so they bred different dogs into the blue heelers to produce the "Aussies" - now known as Australian Shepherd.

Australian shepherds were imported into South Africa by Jenni Gray. Her first dog came from Australia and became show champion. She imported more dogs from USA and a good bloodline was established.

Progeny from this bloodline now compete at the highest levels of Breed, Obedience, Dog Jumping, Agility, Flyball, and Tracking. 

How breeds of dogs developed

The dogs like lots of exercise, so a big yard is needed. They need to be trained and given lots of attention. Aussies like children and other dogs, but take their time with strangers.

The Australian shepherd has a medium-length coat which benefits from brushing. The coat sheds twice a year.

Size: medium

Class: herding

tricoloured Australian shepherd puppy

fluffy australian shepherd puppy playing with toy

"Story," an Australian shepherd puppy belonging to N. Baxter. 


Proud show dog

CH Stavros I am All That (Teddy)
Owned by J. Gray. Teddy has earned many titles in the show ring.

Australian shepherd leaps hurdle

CH Stavros Front Page News (Ice)
Co-owned N Aadnesgaardt & J Gray

Aussies enjoy agility!

Australian shepherd clears a jump in the showring

blue heelers are now known as  Australian shepherds

Kenstaff Shades of Blue (Ni-K) belongs to P. Gouws.

Colour: blue merle


tricoloured Australian shepherd jumps double bar

Seven belongs to N. Shortland. She is black-tri Australian Shepherd. She is a 5-way champion in Dog Jumping, Contact Agility, Non-Contact Agility, Flyball & Carting and Grand Champion in Flyball. She has her FDx Title (Flyball Dog Excellent) as well as CGC and CD. Seven is HD00, eyes clear.


Miniature Australian Shepherds

Australian shepherds under 45 cms at shoulder, are classed as miniatures. At the time of writing, June 2008, they are not recognised as a breed by KUSA. Several miniatures have been imported into South Africa and compete in the show ring in working trials, flyball, etc.

The blue Merle is often called a blue heeler. They are "Velcro" dogs - staying at heel!

miniature Australian shepherd, blue merle

Blue merle female, Zita


Miniature Australian shepherd, black tricloured

Black tricoloured male, Zilo

These miniature Australian shepherds were imported by P. Gouws


A ship at sea.Australian Shepherd dogs have been used as  Stowaway Search Dogs on ships. Where can a stowaway hide from these intelligent dogs? Can he hide in a dark corner? It is like us trying to hide from God! "We can say, 'Surely the darkness will hide me", but darkness is as light to God!" Psalm 139


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