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 Dogs - Dachshund

Black miniature dachshund with tan markings on face and paws

An example of black & tan


The dachshund originated in Germany, where they were used to hunt badger and animals that live in burrows. The dogs were able to get right into the burrow and flush out the animal. They have big paws for digging and may dig under a fence. They like to burrow under blankets. If there is a hole in the blanket they can get their head stuck and strangle themselves.


 Breeders of smooth-haired dachshund puppies


Sharron Brown 0828307291, email:   sharron@dogsdogsdogs.co.za   Webpage: Conkasha

Maryke Brown  0829314077, e-mail: littlepaws@redamancydachshunds.co.za   Webpage: Redamancy

Jurie & Ansa Wessels 082 462 2644, 082 462 0594 email  wessjjels@gmail.com   website www.jucharanzi.com 

Hannatjie Whitlock, 084 899 1978 or 049 834 9041 email hannatjie@yorma.co.za webpage: Yorma


Breeders of KUSA Registered Wire-haired dachshunds

Ingrid Linnekugel, Tel: 011 386-6039 or 079 234 1410 Email: ingridl@savp.co.za  Website:  www.zabush.co.za

Sarah Rose, 083 775 1567, email:  roseapple@worldonline.co.za. Webpage:  Clearview


Breeders of KUSA Registered Long-haired dachshund

Two small dogs craining their necks to look at their owner's face


Maryke Brown  0829314077, e-mail: littlepaws@redamancydachshunds.co.za   Webpage: Redamancy

Ronel Strampe, 0833603072 e-mail:  hadeshua33@gmail.com, Website: Hadeshua

Ingrid Linnekugel 079 234 1410 or ingridl@savp.co.za. Website www.zabush.co.za

Barbara Brown  0822551635  email: barbarabrown@telkomsa.net  Webpage:  Simaxdal

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About dachshunds

A standard and a miniature wire hair dachshund

A standard & a miniature wire haired dachshund

In South Africa, the name of the breed is usually pronounced dash-und. (und as in under) But it sometimes sounds like Dutch hound!  Some folk call them "Daxie" or Daxies" as it's easier to say and spell than dachshund. In South Africa, they are sometimes called worshond or tekkel.

Brindle dachshund puppy

A smooth brindle dachshund puppy

Dachshunds have short legs and long, sausage shaped bodies, which has given rise to the nickname, "sausage dog", or in Afrikaans, "worshond." The correct name for the breed is "dachshund."

The coat can be smooth, long, or wire-haired. The long haired dog needs a little brushing to keep him at his best. Long haired Dachshunds have a wavy, silky coat. 

Dachshunds are popular in South Africa as they fit in well in a town house, or any household. It's not advisable to carry puppies around all day, as they need to use their legs in order to develop properly. Breeds with long spines can develop spinal trouble, so do be careful about handling your puppy. Use two hands to support the pup. They should not be allowed to jump down from heights in case they jar the spine.

As well as there being different coat types, there are two sizes as well! A dachshund may be miniature, weighing up to 5 kg, or standard, weighing from 9 to 12 kg.

See origins of dogs

Dachshunds make friendly, confident pets.

Colour: Usually chestnut, or brown & black, or brindle, but there are many other combinations.

Class: Hound 


cartoon of dog reading BibleDachshunds are small dogs, but they have big hearts. I'm sure God, the Creator of dogs, loves ALL dogs, small and great. As the Bible says, "Praise our God, all his servants and you that fear him, both small and great!" 

Revelation chapter 19, verse 5 


Smooth haired dachshunds

 photos courtesy Conkasha Dachshunds, illustrating colours

Chocolate dapple dachshund - dark brown patches on light brown

Chocolate dapple


A solid brown dachshund



Red patches on brown dachshund

Red dapple


A multi-coloured dachshund. The silver markings look greyish on a black and tan dog

Silver dapple


Rusty red areas,  on a brown dog

Shaded red

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