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Since the middle ages, the Dalmatian has been popular in Europe because of his elegant bearing and unusual spotted appearance. People liked to have Dalmatians running along beside their horse-drawn carriages. No doubt the dogs were a deterrent to highway robbers, as well as being a handsome status-symbol.

The British developed the breed. In South Africa, some people call it a "blotting paper dog." The spots are like ink marks on white paper. The breed is scarce in SA, so puppies are seldome available.

History of how dog breeds developed

The Dalmatian is an energetic dog, and needs a big yard and plenty of exercise. They love people and make good jogging or horse-riding  companions. A bored dog that is left on its own can be destructive. Training is essential from an early age.

Deafness sometimes occurs in this breed, and other white breeds. Some Dalmatians have a habit of quivering.

Because the coat moults, daily brushing keeps hair off the furniture.

Colour: white with black or brown spots. The spots should be separated from each other - not large patches. Puppies are white when born. The spots develop after a few weeks.

Height: males 58 - 91 cms at the shoulder, females 56 - 58 cms.

Class: utility

Spotted Dalmatian puppy

Dalmatian puppy


Young dalmation lying on cool floor tiles

Deezil belongs to C. Perkins

Dalmatian in the garden

Kelly belongs to Mr & Mrs Ripley, South africa


A garden is not enough for the Dalmatian! He loves running free! He will enjoy running with you on the beach, or in the park. The dog should be trained to obey your command to "Come," whenever you call.

When we were young, we set off for a walk with God. But people and things distracted us. The Bible says,

"You were running well; who hindered you that you should not obey the truth?"

Galatians (not Dalmatians) chapter 5, verse 7

Let's turn around and obey our heavenly Master!


A common mis-spelling is dalmation. It should be Dalmatian.

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