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Lezylrie Kennel
Breeder of French Bulldogs



 Lelanie Fourie

Cell No:   0824556840

E-mail Address:   vanzyl.lelanie@gmail.com

Myself, Lelanie, and two French bulldogs in the car

A fawn French bulldog with a black mask

French bulldog puppies in a suitcase

We are blessed to share our home with these amazing companions.

French bulldogs have great personalities and their size makes them compatible to any home (with or without children)

They are happy dogs that enjoy attention and love to play. They do not bark often nor require a lot of maintenance.

Please note that they like to be in the house with their families.  They do not enjoy being left alone for long periods of time. They get hot quickly.

The kennel name, Lezylrie, is registered with KUSA. We register our puppies with KUSA. We sell the puppies with a contract, We give the buyer a registration certificate with breeding restrictions. Every puppy has a microchip implanted before it leaves us.

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