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All about dog breeding


This booklet will guide you through the whole journey from mating to caring for the new-born puppies.

Dog breeding booklet - how to breed puppies




Finding a mate for your dog

The Breed Standard

Stud dog

Why should breeding stock be registered?

Planning a mating

Honeymoon hotel

What is the best age for mating?

Is she “on heat,”?

When will the puppies be due?

Is she pregnant?

Where will she give birth to the puppies?

Whelping Box

How will I know she’s  in labour?

Looking after newborn puppies

The puppies' development from three to six weeks

Puppy Socialisation

Baby's first trip to the vet

Advertising your puppies

How to register puppies


The cost is R50.  The booklet will be emailed to you in pdf format.

Order from   eileen@petsplace.co.za


Another booklet in which you may be interested is "Caring for Dogs and Puppies." It's a guide on how to look after your new puppy from the age of 6 weeks till adulthood.

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