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Where to report scams

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First, if you lost money, report it to the banks' Fraud Division. (Not the normal division). Insist on a reference number.


STANDARD BANK 0800 222 050, +27 10 249 0423, reportfraud@standardbank.co.za  

ABSA 860 557 557, +27 (0)11 501 5089

FNB 087 575 9444, +27 11 369 2924

NEDBANK 08600 110 929

CAPITEC 0860 10 20 43

TYMEBANK 0860 999 119

Next,  Get a case number from your local police station. Give them as many facts as you can - the scammer's name, cell number, where you saw them advertise, etc. Save all emails, screenshots of conversations, and note the website where you were scammed. Know the date & time you paid, and the scammer's bank details.  You are unlikely to be taken seriously if you don't have a case number. The criminal may be caught for something else, and the more cases against him the better.

If the police refuse to give you a case number, send an email to complaintsnodalpoint@saps.gov.za  Give the name of the police station and if you can, names who you dealt with, the day & time you went there, and the nature of the crime you tried to report.

Next, if you lost money, Complete this online report https://za.scampup.info/blog/report-a-scam/

By reporting it, you are helping others, and helping the police to gather data. You can do the report from your phone, or laptop. Details of scam websites go to aa419, an international anti-fraud group. Include as much information as possible.

Ephesians 5:11, NIV: "Expose the deeds of darkness!"

More websites where you can report fraud - the more places you report it, the better, but the main one is Scampup. (above) 

There are facebook groups where you can tell your story in order to warn others. You can post your experience, and screenshots  here -  https://www.facebook.com/groups/report.puppy.scms.south.africa

You can also Report stolen identity & other cyber crime to SAFPS  (South African Fraud Prevention Service)

Put cell numbers on TrueCaller.com & label it "Scam."  (Don't put the scammer's name - Scammers change their name often.)

IPATA has a list of organisations where you can report scams especially if a transport company or courier is involved:  www.ipata.org/pet-scams#reportScam

Pressure needs to be put on the free classifieds websites to stop running ads for puppy scams. Misleading advertising is surely a crime? The more people that complain, the better. You can report misleading advertising to the Advertising Regulatory Board. http://arb.org.za/complaints.html   It will help if you have a police case number or a reference number and date of the ad.

If the scam is in a newspaper, tell the editor. Some websites, like Gumtree, Olx, Ananzi, and free classified sites, have a "Report Abuse" button near the ad.

If it's a Google "Sponsored" ad, click the 3 dots at the top right of the ad. This transparency option tells you about the advertiser & brings up the "Report Ad" link. Youcan report it as scam. Scammers pay Google to put their ad at the top of search results. So be very wary of Sponsored ads.

 Gumtree etc need to know if Google ads and other puppy scam ads are getting their site a bad name. "Sponsored" ads that come up in Google searches are usually scams (not always, but usually!)

If the scam is on facebook, report it to the admins, moderators & fb. If enough folk report it, it will be taken down.

It is written in the Bible, "O God, you hate all who do wrong. You destroy those who tell lies; deceitful men, the Lord abhors." Psalm 5 verses 5 & 6

You can complain to www.hellopeter.com


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Do link to this page from your website. The more we can spread the word, the quicker we can collect information on scams and help to prevent it.