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Standard Poodle

Poodles originated in Europe. They are often called, "French Poodles" because they became very popular in France as pets. They are highly intelligent and can be taught tricks. They were used as circus dogs in France. Originally they are thought to have come from Russia or Germany where they were bred to retrieve waterfowl. See origins of dogs.  


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Poodles are stylish dogs and make playful, lively house pets. 



Black, and white poodle puppies


Silver standard poodle puppy, sitting

Silver Standard Poodle puppy. 


The poodle's coat is dense and curly and was kept short as it became waterlogged while hunting. Nowadays it is customary to give a fancy cut leaving pom-pom on the tail and feet, and a "hat" on the top of the head. Show dogs need to be cut by an expert as a standard is laid down as to how the poodle is to be cut. A pet just needs regular grooming and trimming to keep the coat tidy. Puppies should be made to stand on a table (while being held) to get them used to going to a groomer.

Dogs who enter the show ring, have their coats shaved off in parts, and the remaining hair is teased out so it stands off the body in pom-poms.

Standard poodle show dogs. Owner: C. Burgers, South Africa

French poodle with fancy pom-poms (Continental cut)

  A silver standard poodle.

white standard poodle reclining on black leather sofa


black poodle showing pom-poms


Poodle face. Colour: blue


Water lovers!

standard poodle drinking from hosepipe


Most poodles love water! Left: Zach, on holiday at a boarding kennel, loves to play with water from a hosepipe! Even if his water dish is full, he wants to drink more when he sees that water gushing out!

Jesus said, "He that believes in me, out of him shall flow rivers of living water!" John chapter 7 verse 38. Let's tap into Christ's energy & have rivers of water bubbling from our personalities!

A "Maltese Poodle" is not a poodle at all! There is a breed called "Maltese" and Maltese dogs have long straight hair. 

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