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Articles, & True Stories

about Dogs


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Advice to read before putting your pet in a boarding kennel.

Anubis A dog found in the desert.

A night when no dog barked, an Easter tale.

Blaze the bull terrier

How to look after a blind dog

Blood in the stool

Brownies. A dad uses dog poo to teach the kids a lesson

Should I buy a male, or female dog?

Safety & health hazards pets face at Christmas - food etc that's bad for them

Dogs. How come we have so many breeds? Where did they all come from? Were they randomly generated by evolution?

Dogs and children, Teach them to respect each other

Fleas - how to get rid of them!

Floppy the hunting dog

Do dogs go to heaven?

How could you? A tear-jerker about a dog who was someone's friend.

If it should be. A poem about a dog's view of euthanasia.

Make a garden for a cat

Gardening tips for dog-owners

Imi, a dachshund with back trouble

Mini pets. Keeping small pets like rabbits, chinchillas, rats, and guinea pigs

Registering How to register dogs

Stolen! A dog owner's frantic search for her dog

Whose report do you believe?  The vet's report was bad news, but...

Scams.  Clues that may help you decide whether it's a scam.

SMS  When her dog was ill, she sms'd an urgent cry for help.

SPCA. Do they do good work, or bad work?

Stress. Don't take your frustrations out on the pets!

Stalker. A woman is followed to her hotel room...

Training Tips

Transport companies who will ship your pets anywhere.

My dog, Thor This dog-owner hopes his Rottweiler will go to heaven! Here's his views on it.

Whelping chart. Find out when her puppies are due!

Zoey. I was swindled when responding to a newspaper ad

Zoonotic illnesses that can pass from pet to human

Has there been an incident in your dog's life for which you can thank God? Send an e-mail to Eileen! I'd love to hear about it!


A story that Jesus told: Once there was a man who had a rebellious son. The son got money from his father and left the country. He spent the money on wild living. When he was broke, He got a job feeding pigs, which he hated. He was sorry for his stupidity. He "repented" (that means made up his mind to stop his bad ways) He went back to his father, who was only too pleased to forgive him and welcome him home. But don't forget, the son REPENTED! It's easy to say sorry and then go back to the pig sty.  Luke 15, 11 - 32 

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