The wording of your webpage,

website, or advertisement


Things to put in your ad:

1. Breed (*Required)

2. Only KUSA registered puppies will be advertised. This is to prevent scammers from making use of PetsPlace. Say with whom the puppies will be registered, for example: "Registered with KUSA." Puppies reg. with KUSA must have a microchip implanted. You must say if you have put breeding restrictions on the registration certificate, & if there is a contract. (*Required)

3. Puppies MUST be inoculated & dewormed before being sold, so that buyers know a vet has seen them.

4. Full name of breeder (owner of the mother of the puppies) (*Required)

5. phone or WhatsApp number (*Required)

6. your e-mail address (optional but you'll get more response if you have an email address)

7. What town are you in? (optional) You don't need to say what town you are in, but do say you are in South Africa so that folk overseas know what country it is.

8. Price (optional) If you might drop or change the price, leave it off and discuss it on the phone with prospective buyers. 

9. Are you willing to arrange delivery? (At customer's expense) (Optional) Some small airports require expensive connecting chartered planes, so say, "We will fly to any MAJOR airport in South Africa" (or worldwide)

10. Terms & conditions of sale (see below)

11. You may want to offer to do a video call in real time to assure the buyer you are not a scammer. Buyer's like to see & hear the breeder and the puppies at the same time.


Things you may NOT put in your ad:

Bad language

To avoid misleading advertising, please note: the following words are not allowed:

1) pedigreed (some members of the public think that pedigreed means registered)

2) parents registered (Some folk assume they can register the pups themselves)

3) pure bred/thoroughbred (This is too vague for people to understand)

4) bloodline or line. People have been misled by terms like "Good Bloodline" or "Champion bloodline"  "imported line." They have found that the registration certificate only has one champ or import, & that it is too far back to have any bearing on the appearance of the pups. It only takes one mongrel to ruin a good bloodline. Another thing, a puppy can be from a good bloodline, yet be born deformed or sickly. A good bloodline doesn't make it a good puppy. An imported dog can be a mongrel. 

5) Microchipped.  Please say, "A microchip will be implanted in every puppy before it leaves our home," if this applies.

6) angel. Your dog is not an angel - it's an animal.

7) gift. Don't encourage folk to give dogs as gifts. Rather insist on speaking to the person who will be the owner of the puppy to make sure they are a suitable person and that they understand that it is a 15 year commitment.

8) Not kept in kennelsSome folk consider it virtuous to say, "our dogs are not kept in kennels," but this is negative, & is unfair to boarding kennels who have to keep dogs in kennels. They love & care for the dogs in the kennels. Rather say, "we keep our dogs in the house."

9) Don't copy off another website, even if it's your own. Google frowns on duplicate pages. Also, it's against the law to use copyright material.

You may use words like cute, adorable, cuddly, beautiful. These words will help to sell your puppies! Everyone knows that EVERY puppy is cute, so they will know you are telling the truth!

You may say, "Parents good-natured, loyal, and obedient" (or something similar)


Your terms & conditions when selling pups


When some folk sell puppies, they ask the buyer to sign a contract. For example, the buyer might have to agree to have the dog spayed when old enough. Any contract must mentioned on the website, so that folk know about it from the beginning.

Breeding restrictions

Some folk put “Breeding Restrictions” on the papers. Your ad or webpage MUST say “We do/do not put breeding restrictions on the papers."

Transfering ownership papers to new owner

Some breeders register the litter in their own name, but the buyer never gets any papers. It must be made clear whether the buyer will get a certificate. If the buyer does not get a registration certificate, they do not legally own the puppy.

Kennel name (Affix)

Some folk make up a name for themselves so that buyers will think they are a registered breeder. This is misleading advertising. If you are using a kennel name, please say with whom it is registered (with KUSA for example)  If your name is not registered, then use your surname. A surname is a registered name!

Be honest!

Many folk have paid a large sum of money for a dog and been very angry and disappointed that they did not get the papers, or discovered there were breeding restrictions on the papers. So if you are honest and upfront, people will admire you! They will recommend you to their friends.


Pl write in lower case, even in headings, as this is easiest to read on the computer. Capital letters mean SHOUTING on the web. Use bold or italics for emphasis. Say "Durban," not DURBAN.  KUSA is written in capital letters because it's an abbreviation: the capital letters each stand for a word - Kennel Union of Southern Africa.

Pick a font that's easy to read on a computer as folk are always in a hurry. Avoid fancy fonts and don't use lots of different fonts, as this looks amateurish. Verdana is recommended.

Do not copy words from books or other websites, even if it's your own website. Google is looking for original content. 


Thank you for hosting my ad for Boston terrier Puppies on Petsplace website. All the puppies were sold within 4 weeks - absolutely magnificent!

Thank you, your website is fantastic and I could not believe we would get such a great response.

Helen Potgieter


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