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Ysterberger Mastiff

The Ysterberger mastiff originates in South Africa. It is a new breed that is being developed, similar to the boerboel. The dog's primary purpose is to protect its family from intruders, especially on farms.

Fawn ysterberger mastiff with black muzzle

White Ysterberger mastiff with black markings

Ysterberger mastiff puppy, brindle

These adult dogs and puppy belong to G. de Jager


Although athletic, it is a large, heavy breed with an intimidating appearance. The temperament is calm and confident. It will pick up the owner's vibes if danger arises, and growl a warning. They are good guard dogs.

A mastiff is a large, powerful dog which has developed in diverse ways in different countries. 

The Yesterberger can easily be socialised with all the family including children,  other pets, and livestock. Training should begin while a puppy because a large breed cannot be forced to do anything it doesn't want to do when fully grown. Begin with simple commands, like Sit!, and Come! The puppy will soon learn the ropes and will enjoy the attention it gets while being trained.

When considering what kind of dog to buy, remember that a large dog costs more to keep than a small dog. There's food, tick preventative, worm powder, bed, vets' visits, and more expenses to be budgeted for. All these cost more for a large dog than for a small dog.

Puppies are sold with breeding restrictions, as breeding stock must conform to the breed standard. The Ysterberger Council will advise on breeding.


Crime is on the rise, and burglaries are frequent. Many people  surround ourselves with dogs, burglar alarms, and fences. These are wise precautions, but above all, we must pray. Here is a prayer to memorise, "Deliver me from my enemies, O my God: defend me from them that rise up against me." Psalm 59, 1


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