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Manchester Terrier

The Manchester Terrier (a descendant of the Black & Tan Terrier) dates back to the reign of Elizabeth the first of England & is behind a lot of breeds we know today.  Manchester is the name of a town in England. 

Manchester terriers were used for ratting during the Great Plague. This epidemic was spread by rats. Before the days of "Rattex", people were employed as rat-catchers and they used dogs to kill the rats. 

The dogs were also used to catch rabbits, which could be eaten, or sold to butchers.

Later the ratting became a sport and the Manchester terriers were used for game betting on rat killings in an arena.  The breed was nearly extinct at one stage, but with careful breeding etc it is making a comeback and becoming popular again as a pet, showing, and doing extremely well at agility, with a team taking part at Crufts.  

The coat is short, straight, and glossy.

Height at shoulder: 38 - 41 cm

Class: terrier

Colour: black & tan. The markings are important on this breed. Notice the tan socks with single dark polka dot on each front leg! The predominant colour is black, and the mahogany/tan markings must present on legs, head, neck, and beneath the tail.

The tail is thin, carried high.

How breeds of dogs developed.

Manchester terrier sitting

Manchester terrier sniffs treat. Showing polka dots on front legs

Talanors Hatrick, aka Tucker, belongs to Barbara Simpson, who stayed in SA, but has now returned to UK. 

Tucker pricks up his ears at his mistress' voice, but normally the ears, which are high on the head, fold over and lie flat on his head, pointing towards his eyes.

In 1882 Stonhenge wrote of the black & tan terrier, "It has many excellent qualities to those who like a dog that doesn't need nursing, an affectionate, lively and amiable companion, not given to quarrelling." 

You and I should strive for these excellent qualities! Instead of quarreling, we should forgive, as Christ has forgiven us, and let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts.

Colossians chapter 3 verse 13

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