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Rough Collie


The rough collie originated in Scotland, where they were bred to herd sheep. More about the early history of dogs and the development of breeds.

The long coat helped to keep the dog warm in the harsh, snowy winters. Brushing helps to keep the coat looking at its best. The dog has a good herding ability and is good with children.  The dog will respond well to training and will enjoy going for long walks with it's owner. 

Two young rough collies

The most famous rough collie was Lassie, the film and TV star. 

Rough collies can be a variety of colours: black and white; black, brown and white, or blue merle. Blue merle dogs sometimes have blue, or blue-flecked eyes.

Height: dogs 56 - 61 cm, bitches 51 - 56 cm at shoulder. 

Wind ruffles the long hair of this rough collie,

Rough collie, brown, white, grey

Blue merle rough collie, Mirriyuula Juz Outa Oz (Imp. Aust.) aka Justin. Imported from Australia. Now resides in South Africa. Owner: P. Guild


rough collie. dark, blackish Blue, white mane, brown on muzzle & legs

Rough collie. Narrow, pointed  face.

Tricoloured rough collie, Mischief Chellert Inkquizitive, owned by Mr Southgate, South Africa

If dogs do what we say, we can be thankful we have obedient dogs! It's an "if," though! They have free will. Sometimes dogs don't want to turn away from what they are doing to listen to us. We are like that ourselves! Check all the "ifs" in the Bible: "If you will seek God, you will find him, if you seek him with all your heart. When you are in trouble, if you turn to God and shall be obedient to his voice, he won't leave you or destroy you."

Deuteronomy chapter 4, verse 29, 30

Two rough collie puppiies

Rough collie puppies


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