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Sealyham Terrier

A Sealyham terrier is a small, white dog, with short legs. Sometimes they have dark markings on head or ears. The ears hang down, close to the cheek. They are named after the place where they originate: Sealyham was an estate in Wales, UK. 

Capt. John Edwards mixed many breeds until he produced the Sealyham we know today, viz. Dandie Dinmont terrier (not known in South Africa) , West Highland White Terrier,    Corgi,     Wirehaired Fox Terrier, and the Bull Terrier. They were bred to hunt for otter, badger & fox in the late 19th century. Being low to the ground, the Sealyham can easily follow a scent trail with his nose.

The early development of dog breeds.

Sealyhams are not as yappy as some terriers, and can make happy, playful family members. Terriers are fiesty, and make good watch dogs. Terriers can be independent-minded, and may take a long time to come when called. Puppies should be worked with from an early age, and taught basic commands like "sit", "come" etc. Reward your puppy with praise when he does it right. Puppies should not be carried around too much but must be allowed to use their muscles.

To keep a long-coated, white dog looking good, regular brushing & bathing is required. Hand-stripping, or trimming is needed. It's fashionable to trim the hair short on the neck and head, leaving a beard and long eyebrows.

Tail: carried high. It was docked until docking became illegal.

Height at shoulder: 25 cm (10")

Weight: 10 - 11 kg (23 - 25 lbs) Boys usually weigh more than girls.

Class: terrier

Life expectancy: 15 yrs.

Ask a Sealyham if he wants to go for a walk and he'll say, "Master, I'll follow you wherever you go." But once he's off the lead, and you say, "Come, follow me!" he says, "I must first do my own thing." We people are like that too. Jesus says, "Follow me!" but we say, "Later..." Luke 9, 57 - 62.


Sealyham terrier with white, glistening coat

Sealyham terrier's head peeping out of ivy

Above: Forlegd Zippy-Sirius of Zescott, belongs to M. Kleynhanse, South Africa.

He is imported from Sweden.


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