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Dogs:Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier shaggy dog clipart

No prizes for guessing where this breed originates! Yes, Tibet. They were used as herding dogs by nomads who wandered over the rugged mountains looking for pasture. They are said to come from The Lost Valley of Tibet. The Tibetan terrier's thick, long coat kept him warm outdoors in the cold winters. His big feet enabled him to walk over inhospitable snowy terrain.

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The Tibetan Terrier was never sold, but was always given as a gift. When a medical doctor was working in India in the 1930's, he was given a gift of a Tibetan Terrier. He took it back with him to England, where Tibetan Terriers gained popularity.

Today the terriers make good-natured, intelligent, lively pets. They also make good watchdogs.

Colour: Tibetan Terriers come in many colours: white, golden, cream, grey, black, particolour and tricolour. Liver and chocolate is not acceptable as a colour.

They have double, abundant coats that need regular grooming to keep hair from matting. The hair can be straight or slightly wavy. The hair falls over the eyes in a comical way. The tail curls over the back.

They are medium-sized dogs.

Height: males 35 - 41 cms at shoulder, females slightly smaller.

Class: Although called a terrier, this breed is classed in the Utility group.


grey Tibetan terrier, face covered by hair

Karaman Nobility. 

This Tibetan terrier belongs to T.Williams, South Africa


It's good to hear of a pedigreed dog that could not be bought with money! It was given as a gift. There is an even more valuable thing that cannot be bought - the gift of God!

The Bible says about a man who was involved in the occult:  "Your money perish with you! Because you thought that the gift of God could be bought with money. Your heart is not right in the sight of God. Repent, therefore, and pray God that perhaps your thoughts and bitterness may be forgiven."

Acts chapter 8, verse 20



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