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Dogs - Bloodhound


The bloodhound is considered to be the number one scent hound - he uses his nose to follow a trail. The number two scent hound is the basset hound, which is similar in appearance but has shorter legs. They are thought to originate in France. How breeds of dogs originated.

Bloodhounds have been used to trail runaway slaves, convicts, and lost people. It is thought that it is not blood that they smell, but sweat from feet. They can detect the scent of a trail four days old, even if shoes are worn.

Sherlock Holmes, the fictional detective, used a bloodhound to solve cases.

Bloodhounds were bred to follow a scent over a long distance and they need long walks. They have followed trails of 50 kms.

They can be stubborn to train. 

The short coat of the bloodhound needs no grooming. They have long, droopy ears and the loose skin gives the face a serious expression.

bloodhound clipart


Class: hound

Colour: black and tan, liver and tan, or red

Height: males 63 - 69 cms at the shoulder, females 58 - 63 cms

Bloodhound puppy seated. Age 4 months


Above, Duchess at age 4 months, belongs to V. Nieuwenhuizen, South Africa


When I visit friends, their dog always sniffs me and I wonder what it smells. If a bloodhound were to sniff me now, what would it smell? Dogs can tell a lot about us by our scent!  God can smell us too! He can tell a lot about us by our smell. I wonder what I smell like to God? A sweet aroma, or a stench? Read what the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 2, 14 - 16!


These bloodhounds belong to M. Matthysen

bloodhound puppies

2 bloodhound puppies being held

Bloodhound puppies


Adult bloodhound

Adult bloodhound


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