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Norfolk Terrier


The Norfolk Terrier is associated with the county of Norfolk in England, where they were bred to dig rats, rabbits, and other small animals out of their burrows in the 19th C. In their early development they were considered the same as a Norwich Terrier, but now the two breeds have been separated. Norwich is a town in the county of Norfolk. Other people say the breed originated in Ireland.

Early history of dogs.

The word "terrier" means a dog that digs in the earth, from the Latin terra meaning earth.

Norfolk Terriers are possibly the smallest of the terriers, but are unafraid of guarding their territory. They have hard wiry coats that protect them from thorns while digging in the undergrowth. Hand-stripping or trimming helps to keep it tidy.  Their ears fold over forwards, which prevents dirt getting in. The muzzle is short.

The Norfolk terrier makes an ideal pet for a small garden, though all dogs like going out for walks!

Norfolk Terriers come in a variety of colours: wheaten, reddish, black & tan, or grizzle.

Height: 25 - 26 cms at shoulder.

Class: terrier

black & tan Norfolk terriers

Macsnests Indigonights at Copper Beach

Owner A. Slight, South Africa


Norfolk terrier puppy hiding behind owner's legs

Norfolk terrier puppy

Copper Beach Night's Legend


Norfolk terrier standing in showring mode

Norfolk terrier seated on grass

Shamanda Last of a Legend, AKA Timmy

 belongs to A. Young of South Africa


Norfolk terriers served a useful purpose. The little dogs served man by helping exterminate rats and other rodents. They make faithful servants to their masters. Servanthood and faithfulness are not popular traits amongst humans. Jesus said, "Whoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant!" Matthew chapter 20, verse 27

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