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Dogs - American Cocker Spaniel

Spaniels are used for flushing birds out of bushes. Many years ago, working dogs did not have long hair. When used for hunting today, they are cut down to a nice short hairstyle.

Most folk keep American cocker spaniels as pets and don't use them for hunting. The long coat flows down to the ground and it would be impractical in muddy water or thorny scrub. The coat needs lots of grooming to avoid tangles. The dogs are stunningly decorative, but they are real dogs and need exercise!  

American cocker spaniels owned by Lee Sparg, South Africa


(AUST, NZ & SA) Champion Marechal Temptation.

American cocker spaniel with long black flowing hair



Ch Pro-am Look 'N Gorgeous 

American cocker spaniel, black & white, imaculately groomed



 Clara (imported) is red & white.

Collage of 3 shots of red and white cocker spaniel


Luz Clara de la Gran Aldea has numerous group 1st placings & has a Reserve Best Puppy in Show under her belt.


Don't you just love the way show dogs stand? Head up - saying, "Look at me - I'm somebody!"

You and I should be like show dogs. We should be able to say, "Look at me - I'm a Christian - a child of the King." Let's lead exemplary lives so that our Heavenly Master can be proud of us!

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