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The Chihuahua takes its name from the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. Most folk pronounce the name, "Chee wa wa." It is an ancient breed. Images of dogs that look like Chihuahuas have been found carved on stone in the Huejotzingo Monastery between Mexico City and Pueblo. It's possible that the monks kept dogs to keep rats away. 

Two mischievous young chihuahuas

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A winning dog in the show ring

Tescanyeeden Alaska PM of Oceara


It is thought that the breed developed naturally and was not the result of man deliberately trying to reduce the size of the dogs by selective breeding. Read the early history of dog breeds.

These pocket-sized dogs make great pets for small houses & small gardens. They can live in a flat and use a cat litter tray. They prefer to be indoors in cold weather. They can be carried around, but that is not good for a dog! Some children are too rough to play with such a tiny dog, especially puppies, who have tiny fragile bones.

Small dogs can yap a lot, so it's important to let the dog get used to strangers and strange noises while young. It's sometimes the smallest dogs that kick up the most noise if an intruder comes! They can be surprisingly aggressive and fierce, so a puppy socialisation class is recommended.

Chihuahuas can have short, smooth coats, or long coats. They can be any colour, or mixed colours. The long-haired Chihuahua has a wavy coat with a mane around the neck. The hair on the tail is long and the tail is held high, curling proudly over his back.  The short-haired Chihuahua is short-haired all over, and needs no grooming. 

Weight: Weight: up to 2.7 kgs (6 lbs), with 1.8 kgs to 2.7 kgs (4-6lbs) preferred.

Class: Toy

The Chihuahua is the smallest breed in the world!

Cheeky little Chihuahua puppy, short coat

Smooth coat Chihuahua puppy


3 baby long-hair Chihuahua puppies

Long-coat Chihuahua puppies 


Wilbur the ferocious Chihuahua

Wilbur belongs to Willie & Mari Rencken, South Africa. He looks so sweet, but Mari says, "Does he have a temper!"


Chihuahuas have the longest life-span of any breed.  What must we humans do to live long, like the Chihuahua? The Bible says we must "honour our father & mother." Exodus chapter 20 verse 12. Are we living honourable lives so that our children (and other people's children) will respect us? 


Two Chihuahuas. One cream, one tricolour, with long hair

Long haired Chihuahuas belonging to T. van der Watt, South Africa


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