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The breed originates in Japan, though similar dogs originated in China. In Japan, the little dogs were kept by royalty and were very valuable. Occasionally they were given as gifts to important visitors from overseas, but many died on the long journeys by sailing ship. Gradually they spread over the world. They used to be known as the Japanese Spaniel. 

'Chin' means 'like a cat'. They lick their paws and wash their faces. They also walk daintily like a cat, and like to climb up high on the furniture. They have a flat face, like a Pekingese. The eyes are wide apart. The coat is long and silky, and benefits from regular brushing. The hair is thick around the neck. The body has a square look. The ears are high on the head, falling forward. The tail is carried forward over the back. 

Chins make lovely, entertaining pets. Great for anyone wanting a small dog, but they are not common in South Africa yet.

Colour:  white and black, or red and white.  The red includes all shades from the palest lemon through sable, orange to a deep brindle.

Class: toy

Weight: 1.8 - 3.2 kg


A windswept Japanese Chin

A dainty little Japanese Chin

Kariga Yuki-San of Broadoaks belongs to Ms S.A. de Klerk

How the different breeds of dogs developed

4 little Japanese chin puppies

Japanese Chin Puppies

Japanese Chins have a quiet, happy nature and make ideal house pets. What kind of nature do WE have in the house? The Bible says, "A quiet, gentle spirit is beautiful and valuable in God's sight." 1 Peter chapter 3 verse 4

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