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Boerwindhondes love running


While living abroad in Dubai I was doing extensive research to find a dog that would best suit my lifestyle. Working with endurance horses, I wanted a dog that can run with me while riding and endure the extreme temperatures of the desert. My research continuously turned to the Boeregreyhound. I got my first dog and the rest is history. I immediately fell in love with the breed; what loveable creatures! They are a very adaptable breed, easy to care for, educate, and house-train. The breed does not shed much and are overall, just happy and healthy dogs. They love attention and make truly fantastic family pets, from old to young will find a place in their heart for this breed. The most loyal dogs a family could ever wish for. The Boeregreyhound is a large breed, that likes a daily run or intensive walk. They are sociable with other dogs and incredibly soft spirited animals. The South African Boeregreyhound Association was established in 2007, since then the breed can be registered with the Association. Prerequisites of the association are, that in order for you to register your hound, they must undergo the scrutiny of the association as well as fall within the requirements being, both parents must be registered with the association.

Our dogs

Our pack of windhondes in a bakkie

The Boergreyhound- Breeding history

Boergreyhounds are one of the most versatile breeds on earth. They make fantastic pets, companions and guard dogs. They are excellent sporting dogs, being used in races, dog shows and as jogging partners for runners to name a few. They are incredibly intelligent animals, even though they were bred to hunt jackal and other predators, they make truly great family pets and are amazing with children of all ages. These soft natured dogs will protect their owners at the cost of their own lives should it come that. The word “Boer” being the Afrikaans word for farmer, Boergreyhound directly translate to farmer greyhound. Like most people serious about working with dogs, for South African farmers, the concept of breeds has always been an irrelevant one. It would be impossible to account for every breed that has been cross-bred into different lines of the Boergreyhound. Known breeds in most lines are the English greyhound (both hot-blooded track greyhounds & cold blooded hunting and show greyhounds), Scottish deerhound (these are the majority of the foundation), Irish Wolfhounds, Africanis, Ridgebacks, English bullterrier, Boerboel, Bullmastiff, Airedale and the Irish terrier. Despite this, most Boergreyhounds Resemble pure greyhounds, maybe just larger, yet vastly different in countless areas. Boergreyhounds have far better stamina, intelligence, much harder feet and tougher skin, heightened scenting ability, more intensive biters, more agile, a higher tolerance to pain, better extreme weather condition tolerance (both hot & cold) and with greater courage.

A black boerwindhond puppy

Lifespan: approximately 10 years.

Colour: brindle, black, fawn, blue to name but a few.

Height: males must be a minimum height of 75cm (measured at the shoulder) and females a minimum of 65cm.

They must be judged at one year of age.

A grey and white boerwindhond puppy

A young boergreyhound



The legal stuff

We register our puppies with SABWV. (South African Boerwindhond Vereniging) All my bitches are registered.
The pups can only be registered at minimum 1 year of age. They have to pass the breed standards. Height, looks, and so on. So the new owners will have to do this. I can  guarantee that the pups will pass the requirements.
There is no breeding restriction or registration certificate. Each puppy is microchipped.

Puppies are occasionally available, and delivery can be arranged.

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