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Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino originates in Argentina. Dr Antonio Nores Martínez developed the breed from Great Danes, mastiffs, and other dogs. His aim was to produce a strong, fast, hunting dog that could take down large game. The breed characteristics were set by 1928 and there is a Breed


A Dogo Argentino puppy. Pure white.

A chubby puppy

History of the breed


A large white dogo argentino


They make good protection dogs and have been used by the police. Like any large dog, socialisation and training is necessary from an early age. A well-fenced yard is necessary in case the dog runs out to chase strangers away from his territory, whether it's a human or another dog, and there is danger of a fight and injury ensuing. A dog that is capable of bringing down large, dangerous wild animals, could bring down, or knock down, a human being.

The neck is long and strong which gives him a better view of game hiding in the foliage.

The Dogo, and some other white breeds, is prone to deafness.

A dogo argentino licking his paws

Coat: short, and always white. A small dark patch is permissable near the eyes.

Height: females 60–65 centimetres at the shoulder, males is 60–68 centimetres.

Weight: from 40–45 kilograms


The first thing we notice about a dogo, is its strength and courage. We can be strong and courageous too if we trust in God. Joshua 1, 9

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