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Newfoundland Dogs

Black Newfoundland dog's face

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Newfoundlands are named after Newfoundland island off the east coast of Canada where they were used by fishermen to drag in nets and to pull carts. Records date back to the 1700's but the fishermen may have brought the dogs from afar before that. See origins of dog breeds.

Newfoundlands are large, powerful animals with thick long coats that kept them warm in the icy waters off Newfoundland. The coat benefits from regular brushing. Shade must be provided for this breed as their coat makes them very hot.

They have webbed feet and love to swim. They have helped to rescue people from water. The Newfoundland is good natured, like a big huggable bear.

Colour: black, brown, or white with black markings.

Height: males 71 cms at the shoulder, females  66 cms.

Class: working breed

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