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The samoyed originated in the snowy wastes of Russia. They were used by the Samoyedes people to pull sleds and hunt herds of caribou. His thick, bushy coat protected him from icy, Arctic winds.

Samoyeds are good natured dogs and make good pets if given lots of exercise.

Samoyeds are scarce in South Africa, so puppies are seldom available.

Regular brushing keeps the coat from getting matted.

The samoyed normally carries his tail curled over his back.

Height at shoulder: 46 - 56 cms.

Colour: pure white, or white with biscuit or cream.

Group: herding

How breeds of dogs developed.


samoyed with bushy tail curled over back

Samoyed, dazzling white, looks up at biscuit.


Levi, aka Alasasia Kentsays Levi

 owner S. Angell, South Africa


samoyed, side view


A samoyed appearing to laugh

 Kent, owner B. Higgs, South Africa


Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to smile all the time, like a samoyed? 

Sometimes we get the smile wiped off our face by circumstances. But we can have an inner joy - a stream that goes underground but bubbles up again & again. The joy of the Lord is our strength. If we dig our wells deep enough by reading the Bible, we will allow that living water to spring up in us.



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