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Scottish deerhound


The Scottish deerhound originated in Scotland (part of the British Isles). They were used on large country estates to hunt deer (buck). Venison was a popular dish. The dogs are big, strong and fast. Hunting parties would go out, often with an assortment of dogs. A scent hound like a basset hound might be used to follow the trail of a wild animal, but when the deer broke from cover, the deerhound would give chase and bring it down. A deerhound is a "sight hound." He responds to what he sees - for example an animal in flight. A scent hound reacts to smell and may not notice the deer grazing in the meadow.

Scottish deerhounds are scarce in South Africa. They were popularised by Meryl Streep in the film, "Out of Africa," the story of Karen Blixen and her Scottish Deerhound in the 1920s.

They are extremely gentle, If kids have learned to handle them, no problem. Couch potatoes at home, racing dogs outside, friendly to everyone, even to thieves - thus no guard dog!

The coat is fairly long and has a shaggy appearance. Neck is long and elegant, The head is small. They are like long haired greyhounds!


How the different breeds of dogs developed

Three grey & white Scottish deerhounds

Scottish deerhound standing in a country road


child & 2 Scottish deerhounds in the snow

These Scottish deerhounds belong to Cara & Rolf Dillmann, Germany


Can you picture a deer fleeing in terror from a pack of  large hounds? It may shake them off by jumping a river. It may hide, trembling, exhausted, hungry, and longing for a drink of water to revive itself. As the deer pants for water, so our soul cries out for God when we are oppressed. Psalms 42 & 43 are good songs to read when we feel hounded, oppressed, or depressed by enemies or circumstances. 


The Scottish deerhound is similar to the Irish Wolfhound.


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