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    Dogs are territorial and may bite someone who invades their territory. So before you open the gate and enter a garden where there is a dog who doesn't know you, take time to let the dog smell you. Speak in a soft voice. Don't look the dog in the eye or he may see that as a challenge. Phone and ask the owner to come and shut the dog away if it is aggressive.
    Never put your hand through the gate, fence, an open window, or car window, especially if the owner is inside, as the dog sees this as invasion of his territory. It gives him a reason to protect his owner, and he may bite. 
     Once inside, stand still and let the dog approach you. Don't pat the dog on the head as he may think you intend to strike him. Keep your hands still and out of the dog's sight.
     If you get bitten, clean the wound with cold water. If the skin is punctured, it can turn into tetanus. A pharmacy, clinic, or doctor can give you an anti-tetanus shot if you get there in 72 hours. The good news is the shot will give you protection from tetanus for 10 years!

Put 1 tub chicken livers in a pot. Cover with 3 tubs water (no seasoning). Bring to the boil & simmer till soft. Blend or mash the livers into the water to make a watery gravy. Pour a few spoonsful over the dry dog pellets to coax a fussy dog to eat. Keeps a few days in the fridge.


A full list of breeds for sale is  here

If someone tells you they have been scammed, tell them to report it at the police station. Better still - TAKE them to the police station, because victims need support. It's important that scams be reported so that the police can see how wide-spread the problem is.


The full list of scams:  https://www.petsplace.co.za/scam-list.php It's updated daily. A good page to bookmark!


A single pair of cats and their kittens can produce as many as 420,000 kittens in just 7 years.  That's why folk get their cats & dogs spayed. There are not enough homes for all the animals.



If you see tiny worms the size of a grain of rice wriggling out the dog’s behind, or in the faeces (poo), these are bits of tapeworm, which can grow to a considerable length inside the dog's intestine. Dogs may lick their behinds then lick our plates. Worms can be transferred to humans.
Dog faeces should be picked up and removed as soon as possible. They can be flushed down a toilet of put in a plastic bag and removed with our refuse. Flies can spread worm eggs from faeces into our food and water.    Dogs should be kept out of the vegetable garden because we can get worms off the vegetables if dogs use this area as a toilet. Always wash vegetables before eating.         
 Deworming pills for humans can be bought at a pharmacy. Dewormers for dogs can be got over the counter at the vet's shop or supermarket. It will tell you the dosage and frequency on the box.


Sniffer dogs are playing an important role in finding people buried under the multi-story building that collapsed in George, WC. There were many construction workers buried on site. The dogs detect the scent of people - dead or alive - buried deep under rubble, and their acute ears detect sound that is inaudible to man. When dogs find someone, they give the handler a special signal. Dogs don't do this naturally. It takes months and months of bonding between dog and handler and patient training to teach a dog what to do.
We applaud the dogs, their handlers, and all who are working so tirelessly at the disaster site. And we pray for the victims and their families.
O Lord, hear our plea in this time of darkness. Look upon your people with mercy and grace as they lie trapped beneath the weight of a shattered building, and be near to those who have escaped but are injured. Grant them courage, dear Father, to endure, to find strength in the midst of their suffering.

Guide the people and dogs who labour tirelessly to unearth the lost, to bring light to the darkness. Let your divine presence be felt amidst the chaos and confusion.

And for those who have already departed from this life, we commend their souls into your loving embrace. May they find peace in your eternal kingdom, where pain and sorrow hold no sway.

O Lord, hear our prayer.

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